We wrapped production on our first Delantare short film, entitled Free, on January 16th!  Editing is now under way, and we’re hoping to have the film completed in time to submit to the Paonia Film Festival by February 5th.  It was a cold, grueling, yet very fun shoot.  We’ll be releasing the film online sometime in February as we gear up for our big fundraising push for the series pilot.

Until then, here are some behind the scenes and promo photos! Click or tap any photo to enlarge.

Dave Shaver - DP "Delantare: Free"
Director of Photography Dave Shaver
Director Zack Lawrence - "Delantare: Free"
Director Zack Lawrence getting warm on set!
Paige Awtrey and Zack Lawrence - "Delantare: Free"
Actress Paige Awtrey (“Zana”) with director Zack Lawrence
Korey Hehn A.D. - "Delantare: Free"
Assistant Director Korey Hehn
A mysterious man found by Zana - "Delantare: Free"
A mysterious man found by Zana…
Jordan Wallace as The Man - "Delantare: Free"
Jordan Wallace as the Man
Paige Awtrey as Zana - "Delantare: Free"
Paige Awtrey as Zana