As preproduction and fundraising continue for the pilot episode of the Delantare series, we’re also working on another project that’s part of the Delantare world!  We’ll be making a short film to act as a concept reel for the show, entitled Free.

On the run from a deadly tyrant, an escaped slave stumbles upon a half-dead traveler who may not make it without her help.

Filming for this five minute short will take place on January 16, 2016, and stars Paige Awtrey as an escaped slave named Zana.

Paige Awtrey as Zana in "Delantare: Free"CAST
Paige Awtrey as Zana
Jordan Wallace as The Man

Zack Lawrence – Writer/Director
Dave Shaver – Director of Photography
Korey Hehn – Assistant Director
Ken Lawrence – Sound Recordist
Natalie Lawrence – Wardrobe Supervisor

We’re very excited to be making our first official cinematic foray into the world of Delantare, and sharing it with the world very soon!