Delantare is an upcoming sci-fi/fantasy podcast that tells the story of the few ragged survivors left standing to free their homeland, and defend the very multiverse, from the interdimensional tyrant that rules their world.

The war’s been lost. The rebellions have been crushed, the uprisings obliterated. Absolute rule of Delantare, believed to hold the fabled Celestial Centerpoint, belongs to the unstoppable Genok.

But hope is never completely lost. Even if the final, tiniest of embers has gone out, WE ENDURE.


The Mission

Our mission is to provide a safe and engaging space for listeners of all ages to explore imaginative worlds and foster a love for storytelling and creativity. With no explicit content, parents and kids can join in the fun together, creating wonderful shared experiences and bringing families closer together!

Meet the Team

Zack Lawrence, creator of Delantare

Zack Lawrence is the creator and showrunner of Delantare. He is a voice actor and content creator with nearly twenty years of credits to his name. He lives in Colorado with his wife, four children, and three cats.