On the run from a deadly tyrant, an escaped prisoner stumbles upon a half-dead traveler who may not make it without her help.

Behind the Scenes

Free: A Delantare Story is the pilot short film created to launch Delantare in 2016. The film introduces the world of Delantare, the Kinds and their elemental powers, and the tyrant Genok. Free went on to win Best Sci-Fi at the 2016 Paonia Film Festival.



Paige Awtrey as Zana
Jordan Wallace as The Man


Writer/Producer/Director – Zack Lawrence
Director of Photography – Dave Shaver
Assistant Director/Script Supervisor – Korey Hehn
Delantare Theme Orchestration – Amity van den Assem
Visual Effects – Tim Nolte
Sound Recordist – Ken Lawrence
Wardrobe Supervisor – Natalie Lawrence
Hair & Makeup – Terrie Blaney

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